Using Miro to Make Magic

Dec 6, 2022 | Digital

Why you should use Miro templates 

Using MIRO – you need templates. Here’s why…

Miro can be a GREAT tool for collaboration and working together remotely as a team and working asynchronously.


…you need to provide some clear signposts on your MIRO boards. This will help orientate people so they can understand where you want to start, your line of thinking and where you want feedback. 

Benefits include:

  • A shared understanding
  • Less need to check back and forth between colleagues
  • More clarity and speed

You can also re-use Miro templates across your team.

The Miroverse has loads of templates that can be used or repurposed, but I recommend always including these key items in your templates, to really make them your own and fit for company-wide use.

Miro templates example from Ux, my dear

What should you include in your MIRO template?

1. A cover sheet

2. Summary/high-level information of what is on the board

3. Markers for feedback (aside from tagging colleagues in comments)

4. If it’s a large board, make sure to include arrows/connectors to guide others (alternative use numbers)

And make sure to label/number the frames on your board – so you know what you’re showing in presentations, and make it easier to refer to specific sections of your board.

Do you use Miro templates?