Ignite your team with a

Do you have teams that seem to be working against each other, blocking innovation and lacking motivation? Whether you’re ramping up your headcount or just starting out, it’s easy to overlook your culture, but it’s key to helping your plans succeed.

  • Frustrated by apathy in your teams?
  • Siloed groups?
  • Entrenched outdated thinking?
  • Demotivated staff?
  • Employees off-brand?

A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop can give your team the spark it needs to reinvest and recommit to your company’s goals.

Team building, strategy work & co-creation

Transform your team with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Employee Journey Mapping

Want to attract and retain talent? Let me uncover your current employee journey and improve your employer branding.

User Journey Mapping

Sales low? It could be your customer journey. Through workshops and analysis, I’ll discover where the pain points are.

Workshop Facilitation

Teams in conflict? Poor collaboration? I’ll work to bring your employees together and get rid of the silos holding you back.


As a Lego Serious Play facilitator I run bespoke workshops that reinvigorate your teams.

Strategy Consultancy

Leadership and teams too caught up in the day-to-day details? I’ll provide a fresh perspective to find out where you can develop, change and grow.

Ways Of Working

Let me overhaul your team’s ways of working, put in a Figma governance structure and instil human-centred thinking.



A challenge is posed to the group, framed in open questions.



Individuals respond by building LEGO models that represent their solutions to the challenge.



Each participant explains their model back to the group.



The group reflects together. Everyone is involved and all ideas are laid bare on the table.

What my clients say

“Talke identified processes and values that needed to be embedded into the ‘DNA’ of our organisation in order to be able to implement purpose-led strategic change at pace.”

Hilary Laing, COO/CFO Steady Media GmbH

“Talke held a remote workshop and presentation on Employee Journey Mapping which was incredibly interesting for the companies from our region. Talke is very on point and structured. She is organized, highly effective, and empathic at the same time. Her knowledge and experience of UX design are impressive and we had a lot fun as well.”

Diana Wieben, Project Management, Wirtschaftsförderung Nordfriesland

Lego® Serious Play® sessions designed for you

Here are just a few popular Lego Serious Play challenges I run with start-ups and companies. Depending on your need, I’ll design a bespoke session using the Lego Serious Play methodology.

Lego® Serious Play® Challenge 1:

Build the future
vision of your

Crowd-source a joint vision from within your team and compare to where you are now.



Lego® Serious Play® Challenge 2:

Build your ideal colleague

Uncover skills and character traits needed for a dream team

Lego® Serious Play® Challenge 3:

Build something that energises you

Intro task to get the team moving and familiar with the methodology for more to come.



Lego® Serious Play® Challenge 4:

Create a new product/service

Think outside the box, with specific requirements and practice innovation.

Ready to get serious?

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Lego Serious Play session with UX, my dear.

Come up with the next big idea with Lego® Serious Play®

With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® you can unlock the knowledge you already have inside your teams, boost creativity and foster innovation. Find out more about how serious play can help you create high-performing collaborative teams.

Lego Serious Play