Experience Strategy

Strategy that gives you clarity on your priorities and focus

Grown very quickly and struggling to consolidate teams, plans and operating models? I work with start-ups, scale-ups and large companies needing help going from vision to version and getting more “user” focussed.

  • Unclear about what to build next?
  • Concerned you’re not sharing strategic goals across teams?
  • Not sure how to translate your vision into strategy?
  • Need more focus to know where to place your bets?

Get clear about the big picture

I work with executive teams providing an “outside-in” perspective to understand gaps in alignment and work out how to address them. Working with your team I’ll listen a lot, map out what you know and pull the various views and insights together into one consistent view. Through mapping it out I’ll quickly get to the heart of what you need to do – together with your team.

  • Mapping existing insights
  • Clarity on goals, KPIs and OKRs
  • Mapping gaps & inconsistencies
  • Value proposition design
  • Work with your team to get from vision to version

Better requirements gathering

Strategic support for your product or design teams

If your management team is clear on their vision and strategy but it’s not quite translating into action – quite often there’s a gap between the business and the product organisation in and around “the big black box of requirements”.

At this very early (and recurring) stage it’s crucial to check whether your goals and strategy align between teams.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Requirements gathering workshop/offsite
  • Design Thinking methodology
  • Prioritisation exercises for focus
  • Collaboration activities
  • Impact/Effort rankings

Strategic support for your product or design teams

Does your product (design) team have a clear strategy that aligns with the goals of other parts of the organisation (and vice versa)? If not, I can support them in building out that strategy so there are some key steps set out on how to achieve the wider vision.

Examples of key activities in this space are:

  • Goal setting & “How might we?”
  • Improved ways of working across teams
  • Kick off meetings that align goals and ensure transparency
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Impact/effort rankings
  • Value proposition design

How I work

Mostly – through active listening, observing and just providing the space and tools to consider your (experience) strategy. And very often through mapping everything out and visualising thinking across teams – through real collaboration and team work. Insights and strategy derived from within your team are the ones with real commitment behind them. The ones that stick and get executed.


I’ll work with you to help focus your strategy vision from a user experience perspective.

Ways of working

Let’s analyse your process and tools to find efficiencies and better deliverables.

Data-driven design decisions

Ensure your design and UX decisions are grounded in data points and mapping back to your KPIs.

What my clients say

“Talke identified processes and values that needed to be embedded into the ‘DNA’ of our organisation in order to be able to implement purpose-led strategic change at pace.”

Hilary Laing, COO/CFO Steady Media GmbH

“Talke held a remote workshop and presentation on Employee Journey Mapping which was incredibly interesting for the companies from our region. Talke is very on point and structured. She is organized, highly effective, and empathic at the same time. Her knowledge and experience of UX design are impressive and we had a lot fun as well.”

Diana Wieben, Project Management, Wirtschaftsförderung Nordfriesland

Stop stressing, start strategising

Get a safe pair of hands to help you clarify your goals and get the right tools and teams in place to know how to move from vision to version and have fun while doing that.

Helping a startup determine where to focus and how to grow

In this case study, find out how UX, my dear, brought human-centred design thinking into the company, improved cross-team collaboration and developed better remote ways of working.