Employee Journey Mapping

Design a positive employee experience & moments that matter

You risk losing your staff or simply won’t be able to attract the right talent if you have not thought through your employee experience. In the new world of work your employees and future hires are looking for purpose, flexibility, collaboration and work that works with not against their lives. If you haven’t mapped out your employee journeys yet – you’re most likely faced with one of the below:

  • Struggling to attract new talent
  • Painful onboarding process
  • Quick turnover of staff
  • Losing staff to the competitors
  • Grown so fast you’ve outgrown your processes
  • Too much admin, too little culture and emotion

Employee journey mapping helps you identify the gaps and frustrations and allows you to improve and optimize your employee experience strategically.

Simplified Employee Journey








What is employee journey mapping?

Employee mapping plots out each touchpoint your employee has with your company, in diverse cross-company workshop that examines the whole experience from start to end point. Crucially it is done with a mixed team to look at the experience from different angle and identify key pain points and gain points.

Why is it important?

If you want great talent, you need to attract it, nurture it and make each interaction as good an experience as possible. An employee journey map will scrutinise every touchpoint: examining e.g. how pulse surveys are conducted, to your wellbeing services to how you communicate internally. And it is the first level of work to creating “moments that matter”.

Can employee journey mapping make a difference?

Give your leadership and HR team real insight and understanding to develop robust recruitment and retention strategies.

Armed with an effective employee journey map, you will have clarity around how to improve employee touchpoints.

Employee journey mapping gives you the base layer to improving attracting talent, onboarding and work that works for your employees – and that helps you build and retain great teams. Above all, it creates a shared understanding across teams and generates solutions from within your own team and not an external consultancy – so your team is committed and engaged, working with you towards designing a great company culture.

Attract, engage & retain your staff

Employee journey mapping will help you fully understand every touchpoint your employee has with your company.
And once you have the high-level defined (and made sure they’re the right ones to use for your organisation) you can then dig deeper into how to improve employee satisfaction, motivation and engagement, and define “moments that matter”.

Employee Journey Mapping

Want to attract and retain talent? Let me uncover your current employee journey and improve your employer branding.

User Journey Mapping

Sales low? It could be your customer journey. Through workshops and analysis, I’ll discover where the pain points are.

Workshop Facilitation

Teams in conflict? Poor collaboration? I’ll work to bring your employees together and get rid of the silos holding you back.


As a Lego Serious Play facilitator I run bespoke workshops that reinvigorate your teams.

Strategy Consultancy

Leadership and teams too caught up in the day-to-day details? I’ll provide a fresh perspective to find out where you can develop, change and grow.

Ways Of Working

Let me overhaul your team’s ways of working, put in a Figma governance structure and instil human-centred thinking.


Goals & purpose

Through the initial briefing calls and project analysis stage we will clearly align on the WHY.


Stakeholder buy-in

I will work with you to identify and invite all relevant stakeholders to ensure best outcomes and a diverse team and perspective.



With your existing in-house data in mind I will work out a workshop concept that fits your company needs and goals.


Workshop facilitation

I will guide you through the journey mapping session, focusing on pain, gain and opportunities, creating a shared cross-company understanding.

What my clients say

“Talke identified processes and values that needed to be embedded into the ‘DNA’ of our organisation in order to be able to implement purpose-led strategic change at pace.”

Hilary Laing, COO/CFO Steady Media GmbH

“Talke held a remote workshop and presentation on Employee Journey Mapping which was incredibly interesting for the companies from our region. Talke is very on point and structured. She is organized, highly effective, and empathic at the same time. Her knowledge and experience of UX design are impressive and we had a lot fun as well.”

Diana Wieben, Project Management, Wirtschaftsförderung Nordfriesland

Why hire a facilitator to run your 
employee journey mapping?

As a highly experienced facilitator, I can run your employee journey mapping session. I’ll guide your team online or on-site, depending on what you’re trying to achieve and where your teams are.

I’ll help you identify gaps and frustrations that will help you optimise key areas and improve your employee experience.

With an experienced facilitator you can be sure you’re getting the whole team to contribute, including yourself!

  • Ensure no steps are overlooked
  • Help the team zoom in on sub-steps
  • Help to interrogate and validate each touchpoint
  • Discover new ideas and opportunities
  • Encourage creativity and inclusion
  • Support ownership and commitment regarding next steps

Employee journey mapping helps you find the issues and gaps, gets everyone on the same page and brings the organisation along on a journey to creating an positive company culture and experience.

Create employee experiences that strengthen your bottom line

I’ll organise an employee journey workshop with key stakeholders and employees to create a detailed employee journey map that gives you clarity and confidence about what to keep, what to fix and why. You’ll have strong use cases and qualitative data to drive through improvements.

Build resilience with employee journey mapping

Want to know more? Here’s a detailed blog post about why employee journey mapping is so important for your business or if you want to give it a try, download a copy of my free employee journey map.