How to Run an Effective Workshop

Dec 2, 2022 | Workshops

Has this ever happened to you…?

You sit down for a workshop, which takes a considerable chunk of time out of your already busy day and means you’ll need to try and catch up on other work later.  On top of that – you haven’t been told what the purpose is, why you should attend and what will happen afterwards.

Workshops can feel like they’re eating time – yours and your teams.

The main reason workshops fail to engage and deliver – is a lack of planning.

Whether you’re holding a workshop on-site or remote, it’s crucial to determine WHY a workshop is the best way to come together, and then plan and build for exactly that.

And when you’re holding cross-team workshops with team members from different departments/backgrounds this becomes even more important.

But when you have planned for it, built your activities accordingly and got everyone to work on a problem together as a team, the insights and joint commitment gathered can be really eye-opening and give a lot of energy to the team.

Tell me about the worst workshop you’ve ever attended?

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